Announcing the MJC 2022!

We are incredibly happy to be able to announce the Muslim Jewish Conference 2022 to be held in December this year!

As the global COVID pandemic still makes for an unpredictable environment for hosting events for international participants with long travels and we have made valuable experiences on how to host successful virtual events already, we decided to again host the MJC ’22 as an online conference based event, supplemented with smaller local events held in Berlin and Vienna.

Read all about the event on our MJC 2022 page!

Registrations are open from X to X and we would like to invite young leaders or MJC alumni with existing local networks to also coordinate local events with us to make the virtual MJC ’22 even merrier!

The Muslim Jewish Alliance is here

Those who have been working with us long know about our plans for the Muslim Jewish Alliance (MJA) as an organizational counterpart to the MJC event and umbrella for the more widespread activities associated with the MJC.

Launching the new website, we also took the opportunity to now make the Muslim Jewish Alliance public in a “soft launch” as we have already been following the MJA’s planned activities for quite some time and working towards its agenda.

Read all about the MJA on its dedicated page.

We will keep you posted about a possible official MJA launch event in the future!

MJC launched its new website

Our old website has served us faithfully almost since the inception of the Muslim Jewish Conference, but just as the MJC needs to reinvent itself and evolve to keep up with the oncoming challenges so does the way we present our work and communicate the value we create for interfaith relations and the Muslim-Jewish world.

Feel free to look around the new website and provide feedback as well, if you have anything to tell us.

For those of you who have been with us for many years, you can also take a trip down memory lane and revisit the old website at

Thank you so much finding your way (back) to us!