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We talk to each other, not about each other.

The Muslim Jewish Conference is a grass-roots dialogue and leadership initiative that focuses on building sustainable networks between Muslims and Jews from around the world. The annual conference brings together students and young professionals and invites them to step beyond the boundaries of ignorance and stereotyping in order to build a new global movement of young Muslim and Jewish leaders, activists and experts who are committed to mutual respect. Conference participants, who belong to all faiths and affiliations, work together to develop and implement projects focused on promoting interfaith and cross-cultural dialogue.

The MJC envisions a world where global Muslim and Jewish communities exhibit mutual understanding and respect and cooperate to enhance and preserve peace and prosperity. The MJC envisions itself as a perpetual creator and sustainer of relationships among global Muslim and Jewish communities to help them talk to each other, instead of about each other.

Since its founding in 2010, the MJC has hosted a conference every year in cities including: Vienna, Austria; Kiev, Ukraine; Bratislava, Slovakia; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; Berlin, Germany; and Paris, France.


Recap of the Muslim Jewish Conference 2022

Go to the conference page of MJC 2022 to read in detail about the conference itself held in several locations across Europe.


Feel free to browse for more videos, reporting on conferences and activities connected to the Muslim Jewish Conference at our Youtube channel.


The Muslim Jewish Alliance has been built behind the scenes together by those who understand the importance of communication, coordination and cooperation.

The Muslim Jewish Conference was founded in 2010, created by MJC alumni in 2016 Connecting Actions followed and some stayed back and kept working quietly and consistently, with nothing but their imagination and determination to make a distant dream become reality.

Today, we want to introduce you to the Muslim Jewish Alliance.

Founded in 2020, aside from the Muslim Jewish Conferences in 2020, 2021, 2022 & 2023 which focused on our alumni community and strengthening local hubs in France, Germany, Bosnia & Herzegovina, the United Kingdom, Austria and globally online, the Alliance has supported Muslim Jewish Conference alumni in the creation of the Muslim Jewish Festival in 2021 and its iteration in 2022 and has built, lead and financed the Muslim Jewish Coalition for Combating Hatred through the European Union from 2021 to 2023, making projects and workshops possible by the MJC, Connecting Actions, Juma, Coexister and the Integration Werkstatt in Unkel.

In 2024 the Muslim Jewish Alliance will create the first cohorte of the first Muslim Jewish Fellowship.

We are Change.


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We are working hard to soon provide you more information about all of our activities on this website. Until then, please refer to these documents and reports to gain more insight.

The Muslim Jewish Alliance Brochure
Muslim Jewish Festival Report 2021 & 2022
Breaking Patterns – Testimonies from The Muslim Jewish Conference
“Dialogue, Note Hate” Collaborative E-Book

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As we are restructuring as an organization with the launch of the MJA, we are also rebuilding our website to be more in line with our current activities that expand far beyond the Muslim Jewish Conference itself. If you care about the activities of the Muslim Jewish Conference and Muslim Jewish Alliance, or interfaith dialogue in general, please check back soon.

In the meantime feel free to visit our MJC 2022 summary page, and the Legacy Homepage that represented us for the majority of the MJC’s existence.